Wherever you hear about refrigeration, the idea of freezers comes to mind for customers. However, the function of a refrigerator is more than cooling. There’s a vast range of commercial refrigeration, which you might not be aware of. Commercial refrigerators are especially prominent in the food manufacturing, restaurants, and beverage industries. If you’re looking for commercial refrigeration in Derby, it’s always advisable to approach trusted dealers for the same.

Read on to know more about the types of commercial refrigerators commonly used in the food business.

Commercial Refrigeration Derby

What are the types of commercial refrigerators used in the food business?

Walk in refrigerators

These are the main cold storage equipment used in every commercial restaurant, kitchen and beverage shop. These freezers are generally big in size and spacious. You can conveniently store the bulk of juices, drinks, raw materials, vegetables and fish/meat in these freezers. This is the most affordable option if you’re starting a restaurant or a food business for the first time.

Chest freezers

This is an ideal option for the summers. They keep the food items cold and fresh even if there’s a power cut. They consume very little electricity and thus generate a very low bill. Moreover, you can expect a chest freezer to keep all the food items chilled for a long time.

Bar freezers

As the name suggests, bar freezers are the ones which are used by the beverage industries. They are the specially designed freezers that are used in the bars. The fridge contains back bar refrigerators, plate chillers and keg coolers. This type of refrigerator is generally designed in a  way to keep the drinks cold as well as fresh for a long time.

Pastry freezers

Confectionery companies generally use pastry freezers. They are made of stainless steel to retain the freshness of the confectionery products. The front part of these refrigerators is generally covered with glass. This helps the customers to check the range of confectionery products that have been displayed and choose from the same.

Under counter chiller

This range of refrigerators stores fish and meat in the commercial kitchen. It is compact and portable, and apt for restaurants. These freezers are used to keep the food products completely chilled. Since meat and fish stand the chances of getting damaged easily, these freezers are very useful.

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