Air conditioning is one of the most important appliances in a home or office. It helps regulate the temperature and keep the indoor air comfortable. However, when it comes to AC servicing, many people make common mistakes that can lead to severe problems down the road.

One of the easiest ways of avoiding these mistakes is hiring professional experts for air con servicing in Derby. But before that, you must be aware of the common mistakes. 

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Air Con Servicing Mistakes and Their Solutions

Here are five of the most common mistakes people make in AC servicing:

1. Not getting the unit serviced regularly

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not getting their air conditioning unit serviced regularly. A regular service will help catch any potential problems with the unit before they become serious. It will also help keep the unit running smoothly and efficiently.

2. Not cleaning or changing the filters regularly

Another common mistake is not cleaning or changing the filters regularly. This can cause the unit to work harder than necessary, leading to decreased efficiency and even damage to the unit. Filters should be cleaned or replaced at least every three months.

3. Not calibrating the thermostat correctly

Thermostats need to be calibrated correctly for the AC unit to run efficiently. If they are not calibrated correctly, it can lead to increased energy bills and even damage the unit. Make sure you consult your owner’s manual for correctly calibrating your thermostat.

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4. Not shutting off the AC when leaving home

Another common mistake is not shutting off the AC when leaving home. This can cause the unit to work harder than necessary and shorten its lifespan. Make sure you turn off your AC when you are not home.

5. Not consulting a professional when needed

Finally, another mistake people often make is not consulting a professional when needed. If you are having problems with your air conditioning unit or are unsure how to maintain it properly, it is best to consult a professional who can help you.

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