Cold rooms or cold storage are dedicated refrigerated spaces for commercial usage. The cold rooms extend their service to different service providers across various industries. These rooms are utilised mainly by businesses that deal in perishable goods.

Why Cold Rooms?

Putting a perishable item in a cold room or storage can extend the longevity and freshness of the product. The materials are generally sensitive to temperature, which is controlled by the air conditioning feature. These are used by chemists and hospitality businesses as well.

Which Industries Require Cold Rooms?

Here are more details about the top businesses that use cold rooms in Derby. They utilise this service to extend the shelf life of the products.

Breweries and Wineries:

Beer and wine bottles are stored consistently to achieve an enhanced taste. Lager-type beers are stored at 8-12 degrees Celsius. So, the cold rooms are the best kept keeping these away from direct sunlight. It also controls the lifespan and the humidity level of these drinks.

Food Retailers:

Food items, mainly processed foods, must be stored at an extremely low temperature. So the retailers choose cold rooms for effective preservation. Generally, processed meat and dairy items are kept at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius or lower. As a result, the food items can be easily transported from one place to another.

Post Harvest Storage:

After harvesting the fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to store them in a cold, dry place. They tend to respire and get attacked by different microbes. The harvesting businesses invest in various cold rooms to store specific types of fruits and vegetables. This includes warehouse refrigeration and controlled atmosphere facilities. Through controlled temperature, the shelf life of the produced harvest gets extended.

Chemical Plants:

Industries specialising in specific types of chemicals are another big client of the cold room facilities. This includes petrochemical units, paper manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. The temperature is feasible for different chemical reactions, like dehumidification and solvent recovery. The chemical processing plants also use this service for the cold treatment of various metals.

These are the top industrial sectors that utilise the service of cold rooms. To get the facility from a leading commercial aggregator, one needs to consult an expert source like Icetek. We are well known for providing cold rooms in Derby. You can expect our service no matter which business or industrial sector you fall under.

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