Many people think of running an AC without a filter. To know the feasibility of using a filter in an AC, you must know why filters are important. If your AC doesn’t have a filter, then there’s a high probability that the same might get damaged sooner or later. The filter’s job is to absorb the dust from the air so that the AC works in good condition. If you don’t have a filter attached to your AC, then there’s a high probability that small hairpieces and dust might accumulate on the AC’s fins and clog the same. Hence, it is not a smart decision to run the AC without the filter. If you approach professionals for aircon servicing in Derby, they will give you a similar piece of advice.

To know more about the problems that you might face if the filter of your AC is missing, read on.

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What are the problems that you will face with a non-filter AC?

Poor air quality

If you use an AC without a filter, you’ll compromise the air quality. Since ACs are used indoors within enclosed spaces hence, it is not a safe option to use them the same without a filter. Using a filter ensures that the dust and debris are extracted from the air, maintaining indoor air quality.

Blocked condensate drains

A condensate drain is the one that drains the moisture from the AC. Without the filter, the condensate drain generally gets clogged with debris. If the condensate drain gets damaged, the AC will not work properly. The job of the AC is to make the interiors cold by dehumidifying the air inside the room. This mechanism will stop when the drains get damaged or clogged.

Problems with Freon tube

The AC works by pulling the hot air from the room and blowing the same through tubes containing Freon. The freon tubes get filled with debris without filters, and the AC becomes inefficient. Whenever you use the AC without the filter, the air blowing against the fins will make the debris stick to the freon tube and make it difficult for the air conditioning system to work efficiently.

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