Every company can benefit from cold storage rooms as they include customised settings and sizes. If you need high-quality cold rooms, look for a reputable company supplying and installing commercial refrigeration units. They have the knowledge and tools to build cold rooms from scratch. They will visit you to review the intricacy of the installation and let you know the estimated cost.

They always install premium-style refrigeration units using new and high-quality parts and equipment so you can rest assured that the refrigeration unit is both reliable and efficient. They also know the various benefits offered by different commercial cold rooms and can help you choose one according to your needs.

3 Common Types Of Commercial Cold Rooms

Modular Cold Room

They are widely used in the food industry. The materials used to make the panels and insulation is safe for the food. Choose the right company manufacturing modular cold rooms, and they will choose a size that is suitable for commercial use. They are easy to clean and are available in a flat-pack format so you can install them with ease.

You can even use them to store non-edible materials.

Combi Cold Rooms

Combi cold rooms have a few internal temperature zones. Generally, one of the temperature zones has a range of 2oC to 12oC and is used as a chiller. The other has a temperature as low as -22oC and is used as a freezer. There is a door inside the chiller which leads to the freezer. Combi cold room manufacturers design them in such a way, so you have the flexibility to freeze each zone at a temperature of your choice.

Custom-Built Cold Room

Icetek is one of the few companies you can approach for custom-built Cold Rooms in Derby. Discuss your needs with them and they will build one with all the latest features. They will also consider your personal needs when determining the cold room’s size and capacity. They have experience in refrigeration installation which makes them capable of delivering a time-efficient installation.

Since you are now aware of the common types of commercial cold rooms, it’s time you choose one according to your storage needs.