Air conditioners are a blessing for modern-day people. Unlike the old times, when you were a slave against the extreme hot weathers, now you have a solution for the same. Just turn on the AC and see the magic.

However, buying and installing AC is quite a significant investment. Hence, if you want a long-lasting one, then certainly you should consider air conditioner servicing often.

These processes are often complex and lengthy and include technicalities; hence it is advisable to hire a professional for air conditioner service in Derby. Among all other parts, the air filters are the essential ones. If you don’t take proper care of the same, you might get high electricity bills for no reason. It takes only a few minutes for a professional to clean up the same.

Air Con Servicing Derby

4 problems of air conditioning for unclean air filters

Bad air quality circulation

If the air filter becomes clogged, then the air coming out from the AC will not get filtered, and the dirty air will take place. This can eventually lead to respiratory problems and lung infection in the long run. Since ACs operate within closed doors, the polluted air will stay for a long time, causing excessive harm to the people.

High overheating issues

As soon as the pores of the air filter get clogged, the AC machines have to put in high effort to produce the cold air. This, in turn, leads to overheating of the AC machines. In the quench of saving few amounts against the servicing cost, you might end up with a more considerable electricity and repair bill in the long run!

Reduction in airflow

The more the air filter gets clogged, the more pressure is created on the evaporator coils. Hence the Ac will take time to cool down. This problem is very prominent and often neglected by AC users. They feel that the temperature is high; hence to get the AC to work quickly, they increase the fan speed. This eventually turns up the machine power and the electricity consumed for the same is higher. This condition also damages the internal coils of the machine as the machine is working under pressure 24/7. Hence to avoid such issues, get your AC serviced at least once in 3 months by a professional.

Issues of frozen coils

Sometimes your system might suddenly get out of working condition. Due to clogged pores, the coil inside the AC might get a freeze, which will stop the AC from working.

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