If you are a part of the food industry or planning to start a business soon, you will know that refrigerators are a vital part of the commercial food business. The food industry requires them for cooling and freezing. If you plan to buy one for your commercial kitchen, enhance your knowledge about commercial refrigeration. Nowadays, they are available in various sizes and types. If you are running a restaurant, a food outlet or a quick-service restaurant, know the basic types of refrigeration systems available in the market. The objective is to help you choose the right supplier of commercial refrigeration in Derby.

3 Types Of Commercial Refrigeration In Derby

Freezers Or Walk-in Refrigerators

They are also known as refrigerated storage rooms providing large spaces where you can store bulk items. They are quite beneficial for restaurants entertaining a large traffic every day. You can increase the efficiency of the static refrigeration system by setting up a commercial shelving operation. Though freezers or walk-in refrigerators are used in various settings, there is a huge demand for commercial refrigeration in large-scale restaurants and hotels. You can use it to store a large amount of meat, ingredients, poultry and other food items.

Display Refrigerators

Display refrigerators are designed to store food items and beverages and showcase the items stored in them. Display refrigerators are very useful equipment for every food outlet—especially those offering take-out or self-serve. You will find them in grocery stores, bakeries, food outlets, beverages, parcel foods, and shops storing packed food and cakes.

Undercounter Refrigerators

If you need commercial refrigeration in Derby, where you can store small ingredients before using them to prepare foods, you can consider using undercounter refrigerators. They are available in small sizes and are used to store seafood items in restaurants. The refrigerators are generally placed by chefs next to the cooling line or directly installed near the grill. The demand for undercounter refrigerator units is always quite high as they help in saving a lot of space and also acts as a compact merchandiser. They are widely used by offices, taverns, bars and in break rooms to store packaged snack foods. You can also use them to store cooking ingredients and for chilling soft beverages.

Since you are now aware of the common types of commercial refrigeration you can choose from, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Icetek.