While purchasing an air conditioner, the first thought that comes to the owners’ mind is the durability of the air conditioner. Every individual expects that the air conditioner will last for around seven to ten years on average. Depending on the model, maintenance and servicing, the durability of the air conditioners might vary.

If you need an air conditioner for high humidity premises, make sure that you buy the one with high capacity. These air conditioners control the room temperature effectively. If you face issues with a new air conditioner, then approach professionals for aircon servicing in Derby.

However, if you face any of the below-mentioned problems, then surely it’s time to replace the old AC with a new one. Keep an eye out for the same and take professional advice whenever you face such issues.

When is it the right time to replace the air conditioners?

Aircon is not cooling the temperature.

The purpose of the aircon is to make the premises cool and offer you pleasant weather when it’s hot outside. The life expectancy of a branded and good quality air con is, on average, 10 to 15 years. If suddenly, after a few years, the AC doesn’t cool effectively, there must be some problem. A lot can go wrong with the ACS. It can be the case of dirty filters that prevent airflow, or excessive use can cause wear and tear. Whatever might be the reason, get the AC checked by the experts. If the damage isn’t repaired, you need to replace the AC.

Generating high electric bills

If you start noticing high electric bills irrespective of electricity usage, there’s some problem with the AC. Tracking electricity bills, especially during the summer seasons, can be difficult; however, keep a note of the amount of electricity you’re using and the number of appliances you’ve been using. High electricity bills mean your AC has been damaged and must be replaced immediately.

Frequent AC breakdowns

If the air con starts to break down now and then, it definitely calls for a replacement. The amount of money that you’re planning on investing in for repair and maintenance of the repeated AC breakdowns will help you get a better AC at the exact same cost. Especially if the warranty has expired, buy a new one instead of wasting your time.

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